2017 Beta 480RR Race Edition


Have you ever been standing outside your favorite beverage establishment and see an exotic Italian sports car pull up? Everyone is in awe at it, the lines, the sex appeal, the lust of smacking that throttle open and feeling it pull through the gears. Imagine all of that crammed between your legs and you can do it offroad. In a nutshell, that's a Beta 480RR Race Edition- except you can actually afford it. However, unlike Italian cars, these bikes are built to be low maintenance AND deliver performance the Japanese machines can only dream of. 

The total weight of this bike was specifically designed to weigh the exact same as two Italian super models- 237lbs. And it's JUST as easy to toss it around if you like getting into the rough stuff- on the trail I mean. With over 60HP at your disposal, (much like an Italian super model) she's ready to go just as fast as you are, and likely faster unless you're a professional. However, unlike the Asian variety, you don't have to get weird if you don't want to with that feeling of "too much speed" the second you touch the throttle. The power of this bike comes on smooth which tricks you into doing things you likely haven't before- out on the trails. 

Luckily since this bike is better than you are, it won't leave you stranded on some road in the middle of nowhere broke, broken down, emotionally battered, and wondering how you came to this point in your life. In fact, it's quite the opposite, when the going gets tough this bike is INSANELY easy to ride out and feels like the warm embrace you really need when life gets rough. All you have to do is give it that twist of the throttle and it's ready to go. 

So, if you DON'T want the speed, sex appeal, and performance of an Italian super model errr dual sport motorcycle, keep looking. If all of that appeals to you, hurry up because this bike won't last long! 

2017 Beta 480RR Race Edition 
Fully farkled with everything you need and meticulously maintained. Has scratches from desert riding but never raced and hasn't seen much road time. 

-Enduro Engineering hand guards 
-IMS 3.1 gal tank 
-Arrow exhaust (with spark arrestor)
-Clean title in hand 
-1600ish miles as I still ride 

Located in Scottsdale, AZ