Beta Xtrainer

Beta Creates a New Enduro Segment

Press Release;
For Immediate Release
Paso Robles, CA


Beta has revolutionized the enduro market with a bike that is compact, light, and easy to ride.


Meet the Xtrainer.


Xtrainer (aka, Cross Trainer) is the only true "All-Around, Entry Level" enduro bike in the market. It is the perfect bike for riders who wish to play ride without the intimidation of a full size enduro machine or for the expert rider looking to enhance their technical skills.


Our engineers saw the need to build a bike that defines fun, a motorcycle that is perfect for newcomers becoming involved with the wonderful world of enduro riding. The Xtrainer offers excellent performance while at the same time is easy to ride.


Features include a smaller deltabox frame which provides a lower seat height and a low center of gravity. Add to this a 43mm front fork along with a dedicated rear shock and you have a bike that is agile and easy to control which builds rider's confidence.


"We have been working on the Xtrainer for a few years, the idea was not to copy the competition but rather develop a bike for a market that we felt was being missed, the entry-level enduro or off road bike. After riding the Xtrainer I realized how cool it is to ride a motorcycle off road that has such usable and easy to manage power can be. The bike is just plain fun!" Tim Pilg, Beta USA Marketing Manager.   


The chassis is mated to an engine that is from the popular 300 RR only designed to offer a power that is more linear and progressive making the bike more docile. Our engineers then added electronically controlled oil injection to provide the perfect oil/gas mixture thus eliminating the need to premix.


So if you want to learn enduro, or if you want to improve your enduro technical skills, the Xtrainer is what you need. The first true enduro bike for everyone.


Xtrainer; the true definition of Fun!



Key Features:

-All-New Deltabox frame designed to be more compact

-Super Smooth, 300 cc 2 stroke engine with adjustable powervalve

-Special "torque" exhaust system

-Electric start

-Cooling fan  

-Electronic oil injection (no need to pre-mix)

-35.8" seat height

-10% smaller frame and overall size (compared to a standard Enduro model) 

-Light, 218 lb. dry weight  



Cross Trainer is in a class of its own    

Low Seat Height & Light Weight Highlight the Cross Trainer   
Entry Level, Extreme Bike for Fun? You Choose. 

Oil Injection Means No More Mixing Oil & Gas 

Smaller Than a 125cc Motocross Bike But With 300cc Power