Q: How come when I select suspension springs, I do not get a credit for the take-off springs?

A: All take-off suspension springs are included in the crate as Beta cannot re-sell them. Beta already has over 100 sets of stock springs that we will either melt down or start making pogo sticks with.


Q: How long will it take after I leave my deposit to receive my new Beta?

A: The average build time is 30-45 days after the deposit is received to the time it arrives to your dealership.


Q: I have more questions before I leave a deposit, how do I contact Beta?

A: You can send an email to and leave your phone number. You will receive a phone call the next business day from a Beta representative.


Q: How much money will I save on my new Beta by ordering it through the BYOB program.

A: This depends on how many options are ordered. The average savings on a BYOB Beta is between 5% -25% depending on each options. All BYOB bikes are sold at a discount as well before any options are added.


Q: How can I determine my “Out The Door” price?
A: You will be contacted by your Beta dealer in 1-2 business days after you have left your deposit. He or she will provide you with the total out the door price with local sales tax and set-up fees.


Q: It says my deposit is refundable. How long is my deposit refundable?

A: Deposits are refundable up until the build is started. Most builds will begin about 10 days after the deposit is taken.


Q: What happens if I do not choose a dealer of choice?

A: A Beta representative will contact you the following business day after you have placed your order for your new Beta to discuss your dealer options.


Q: Can I order a large fuel tank and exhaust on the Beta BYOB program?

A: Yes, you can order all of the options listed on the BYOB section however some have EPA restrictions so cannot be installed by either Beta or a Beta dealer. This includes optional fuel tanks, exhausts, fuel screws, and other air/fuel items. These items will be shipped in the crate with your new Beta with the stock items left on the bike.


Q: Will the BYOB program void my warranty?

A: No, your Beta’s warranty will be the same as a stock Beta.