Mason Ottersberg

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Birthday: 11/04/94

Race Bike: Beta 350RR, Beta 430RR

Class/Series: Pro Enduro X, and Big 6

Other Hobbies: Mountain Biking, Trials riding, Traveling to new places, Water/Snow sports

Favorite Race: Its a toss up between the lake Havasu Worcs races and the Florida GNCC. Both are so hard mentally to finish, yet they are so fun because it takes a certain skill to be fast and smooth while going through whoops for 2-3 hours straight. Its one of those races that takes every ounce of your physical and mental skill and the challenge of that is so fun to me.

Favorite Food: Mexican Food

Favorite Song/Musician: Young Blood by The Naked and Famous

Turn-Offs: People who aren’t anything, but genuine and real.

I was 2 and a half years old when my parents got me on a quad. From there they tried getting me on a dirt bike, but I kept crashing and decided I was afraid of them after only riding one day on one. Over the years I would partake with my family as my dad would race trophy trucks and around the time I was 9 I decided I wanted to get a dirt bike and my brother and I ended up with a couple of pit bikes that we got for Christmas. About 6 months later I got my first KTM 65 which I ended up racing that same weekend I got it and won the beginner class. From there I was hooked and would end up racing tons of local stuff up till about 17. At that point I realized that if this was something I wanted to do for a career I would need to start traveling nationally to build my name. At that point I would go on to learn and become what I am now in the Endurocross series close to 5 years later and it seems as if my dream to become a factory rider became a reality. No one, but myself has driven and pushed me to do this, which I don’t think if it wasn’t for my self drive I would be in the position I am today. This racing Community is my extended family and there is nothing in this world that could be traded for the relationships I’ve made over the years! Its a thrill to see the progression of where I was 5 years ago and the places I still want to go. I will never be satisfied until I’ve reached the stop of the sport and my goals are just that and I am glad to have Beta USA apart of my next step in this journey!